Here at ComIzed, we're specialists in internal and external communications and contact center solutions. ComIzed is a composite of the words Communication – Customized – Committed, and as those words describe, we make a living identifying and accommodating our customers' challenges through tailored communication solutions. We work with leading partners in the field of high-tech software and IT solutions. We continually ensure that we are following the latest developments and, through training and certifications, have excellent skills with the newest technology. 

ComIzed specializes in Unified Communications, where we integrate and collect our customers' internal and external communication tools so they interact and communicate with each other to ensure better and more effective work processes. Alongside that, we also provide Customer Center solutions, where we can, amongst other things, enable better call routing, minimize work- and call flows, and display customer profiles with incoming calls.

ComIzed was founded in November 2016 by Jesper Gettermann and Søren Bo Madsen and, since the start, has grown in the number of both employees and customers. Our unique business model means that our consultants own a share of the company, which ensures their wholehearted commitment and loyalty to the customers. We provide a high level of service and guarantee support and assistance to our customers 24/7 - that's what we call +1 service.

Unified Communication
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Customer Interaction Center

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