A customer interaction center is a central location where all the customer details are processed and serviced.  ComIzed works closely with 5 strong brands within the field of customer interaction centers - Genesys, Avaya, Competella, Datatal and Scantalk. In the old days, a customer interaction center only had to handle phone calls to your company. Nowadays, we see that customer interaction centers need to process all forms of customer contact through emails, newsletters, inquiries from homepages, chats and of course; phone calls. A customer interaction centers is often an integrated part of a CRM system. ComIzed has devised a tool which makes it easier for you to implement the appropriate solution for your company. The tool highlights:
  • Customer and service strategy
  • Success criteria and metrics
  • Workflow diagram
  • Communication channels needed in the solution
  • Systems to be integrated as part of the solution
  • Organisational implementation.
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Genesys is amongst the leaders when it comes to delivering customer interaction centers. Genesys offers both Cloud based and on-premise software solutions. At ComIzed we primarily work with their PureCloud customer interaction center solution. PureCloud is one of the newer products within the field of customer interaction center technology. It is an all-in-one customer interaction center that collects customer inquiries via phone call, e-mail, chat as well as social media in one platform.

Customers no longer solely contact us by calling - they now have the options to get in touch via SMS, Instant Messaging (IM) e-mail and chat. Together with Avaya, we provide you with the opportunity to communicate with your customers on their terms. Manage all your contacts - whether through e-mail, chat, SMS, IM or social media - in the same way in which you process incoming phone calls. Through a Customer Interaction Center we match the incoming tasks with the best imaginable resources every time your customers contact you. That contributes your staff and give them the opportunity to see all relevant information about the customer immediately, including their history, which finally help your staff deliver the best improved service to your customers.

By using communication channels that are cheaper for the business to run, we can reduce your total costs while simultaneously increasing the level of service you provide.

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The PC-based switchboard from Competella is designed and developed to handle a large number of receptionists and a corresponding number of inquiries. The switchboard includes state-of-the-art facilities and enables the staff to serve the company's customers and employees best as possible. The need to handle and intelligently distribute many incoming calls often matches the challenge that many customer service departments face, which is why Competella has developed an intelligent contact center that includes a wide range of facilities necessary to provide good customer service.