Unified Communications are good for your bottom line

Effective communication tools are the key to transforming your business into a digital business. It is not just about the technology - it is part of an integrated strategy that affects every aspect of your business. Your infrastructure for communication and collaboration tools combined with a workflow for your communication together form the elements of what we call 'Customized Communication'.

Every day brings new challenges and experiences, so it's important that you utilize the right technology to accomplish what needs to be done. For many businesses, it can be a struggle to find important information quickly. Using a variety of different systems that don't work well together can slow down the productivity of your workers. ComIzed analyzes the unique situation of each business and offers a tailored communications solution that caters to the employees' daily needs and supports the business' digital transformation.

Unified Communications can be established in public and/or private Clouds. The pure Cloud solution has been moving to the forefront of what businesses prefer to use as a practical alternative to an on-premise based solution.

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Microsoft's vision for Unified Communications is to ensure that people have access to intuitive and problem-free communication tools across e-mail, IM, voice, data, video, and conferencing. Microsoft offers companies a complete software platform that unites all communication with their business applications and processes, streamlining how people can communicate with each other. Skype for Business Cloud PBX gives you PBX capabilities, without the complicated and expensive equipment. With Cloud PBX, you can use Skype for Business to carry out essential tasks such as placing and receiving calls, transferring calls, and muting or unmuting calls, from almost anywhere with internet access.

In the workplace, there are plenty of tools and devices that can help to make you and your business' every day more effective. Whether you use social media to interact with your customer or the latest app to manage your calendar and appointments, these tools can impact your efficiency.

While our daily lives and the workplace are ever-changing, mobility is of increasing importance in both, so it is crucial to use the appropriate technology and equipment to best accomplish what you need to get done. Most of us have a close personal relationship with our mobile phones and tablets, and they're always with us. With ComIzed Cloud and the Skype for Business mobile app from Microsoft, you can now access your desktop, IM, office phone, calendar status, and chat all around the world so you can always be reached on or make calls from your work number, even out of the office.

One challenge that businesses often encounter is that there are too many places to look when looking for crucial information at work. Skype for Business eliminates that obstacle as it gathers that information in one place. Skype for Business also adds a new dimension to online conference calls - document sharing and editing real-time so that you can easily collaborate with colleagues or update customers.

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